At Diamond Pro NW we believe in creating a safe and open environment where girls and boys can develop their skills and knowledge of the game we love. As instructors we are constantly growing and learning to make sure the girls and boys we teach receive the highest quality of instruction. We do not believe in a “my way or the highway” approach to teaching. We understand every athlete is different and we must adapt our teaching to the needs of the student. At Diamond Pro NW you will find a group of instructors who are passionate about the game and passionate about helping develop young men and women into the best players they can be.


Paige OSUPaige Hall: Pitching and Hitting








Ashley Guile: Hitting, Catching & Infield






Kylee MuirKylee Muir: Hitting






Anna Bertrand: Pitchingannabertrandheadshot







Shikara Lowe Georgetown picture Shikara Lowe: Catching








Tori Muir: Pitching and Hitting






IMG_0422Dennis Muir: Hitting